Seventh Generation Clean Swap

Pluck worked with Seventh Generation on Clean Swap, a campaign designed to focus on the health benefits of green, plant-based household cleaners.

Clean Swap was a traveling public outreach campaign with visits to most states in New England and the Northeast, specifically targeting Whole Foods and other health/green-based grocery chains.

Clean Swap encouraged visitors to swap their typical household cleaners for samples of Seventh Generation products.

In addition to the campaign identity, we produced all environmental touch points, including banners, tents, displays and the truck, which served as a mobile billboard.

Shoppers were also encouraged to share their interactions with the hashtag #CleanSwap – another way to receive a free sample of Seventh Generation. Selfies of shoppers with the 6’ Seventh Generation collection bottle were shared across Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter at each stop. The web component of the campaign included a list of upcoming locations, facts that could also be shared across social media, as well as a collection of the all the photos shared by shoppers through the campaign.

The result

#CleanSwap recorded 1.5 million impressions over Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram during the 8 week campaign.

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