Vermont Association of Hospitals and Health Systems brought Pluck onboard to guide them through a full rebranding.

Working with consultant Dennise Casey, we conducted multiple interviews with senior staff to identify the most significant obstacles associated with the existing visual brand. Our discussions also explored public perception and any misinformation about the organization. The research during the initial phases of the project helped guide our process.

Pluck’s solution uses a bright, vivid palette with a full and abbreviated lockup, reflecting the more casual acronym used in conversations. We created a consistent look for icons, focusing on the three most substantial issues facing both hospitals and patients: cost, access, and quality of care. These icons form a pattern of “discussion” that can be applied to various initiatives and whitepapers, depending on their focus.

In addition to stationery, we created a set of white paper templates, PowerPoint, and other materials to provide VAHHS with consistent touchpoints between the organization’s multiple audiences.

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