UVM Living & Learning

The University of Vermont Resident Life recently engaged Pluck to redesign the wayfinding and environmental graphics for the Living & Learning Center.

Built in 1972, the Living & Learning Center is a series of six buildings organized around a central hub.

Since its inception, the main and side entrances have shifted to accommodate the facilities master plan as more buildings and new roads were built over the last four decades. In addition, multiple entrances on various floor levels add to the confusions encountered by visitors and staff alike.

Our wayfinding solution included large subway-like signage identifying each building as well as major offices located within the building. Easily readable from a distance, our solution dovetailed nicely with the environmental graphics that highlight UVM’s Learning Communities initiative. Pairing UVM yearbook photos from the year the Living & Learning Center was built, we provided a visual link between the past and present: celebrating the history of the Living & Learning Center while focusing on the future at UVM.