Travel Smarter

Travel Smarter is a brand awareness campaign Pluck created for the Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission. The focus of our campaign is to encourage people in Chittenden County to rethink their commute, to provide them with definitive information about their commute, and to encourage them to change their commuting habits.

The website,, allows visitors to map their commute, providing them with the times, costs, and calories associated with driving, taking the bus, biking, or walking. The website integrates with Google Maps and Google Directions to provide up to the moment information on bus schedules, bike routes, elevations, and directions, as well as links to appropriate carpool, vanpool, and carsharing resources. Print and digital advertising serves to drive traffic to the site, while the social media hashtag #TravelSmarterVT links efforts across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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