Ski Vermont/ All Mountain Mamas

Ski Vermont approached Pluck to redesign the website for All Mountain Mamas. All Mountain Mamas provides family-specific ideas for four-season recreation at Vermont’s ski resorts.

As part of our initial discovery and strategy, we advised Ski Vermont to include resort-specific pages and sidebars accompanying related content that allows visitors to access resorts information and directions, and to link to booking engines for resort-specific sites whenever possible. This coincides with the public-facing aim of Ski Vermont to increase visitors at member resorts across all four seasons.

In addition, we included landing pages for specific themes, such as Dining, Gear, Summer Adventures, and Planning as well as a clear Call-to-Action for newsletter sign-ups both on the homepage and on all interior pages. Both our homepage and resorts landing page include an interactive map that leads to resort-specific stories, so visitors can learn more as they plan their vacations.

We also addressed ADA-compliance and provided an over-arching SEO initiative that could be continued internally at Ski Vermont upon launch.

The result

  • 47% increase in new users visiting the site
  • 39% increase in sessions
  • 25% increase in page views throughout the ski season

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