Middlebury College Kathryn Davis Fellowships Book

Kathryn Davis Fellowships offer students the opportunity to study languages at the Middlebury College Language Schools.

Each year, Middlebury College publishes a book that highlights the impact of the Kathryn Davis Fellowships: through the students that receive the fellowships: their goals, their ambitions, and the direct benefit of studying foreign languages.

Our book reflects the variety languages studied by the fellows. With 11 different schools of languages, the global reach of the program is self-evident. Testimonials by the students, their thoughts and reflections are presented in the languages they study. The book has passages in French, Spanish, Portuguese as well as Chinese, Japanese, Russian, and Arabic. In addition to highlighting extraordinary fellows from the program, the book also provides updates about previous fellows and their accomplishments across the globe, reflected in the maps presented throughout the book.

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