Pluck worked with Champlain College Admissions and Communications to create a guide to campus life.

Part zine, part travel guide, part journal, Champlain sends the brochure to every accepted student to showcase the whole experience of attending Champlain College.

A page for all seasons

Our idea was to create a seasonal guide to present the social experiences of attending college and the academic experience through the lens of Vermont’s four seasons. 

Now we’re talking, I mean texting

Sprinkled throughout the guide are small text conversations to alleviate students’ (and parents’) concerns about leaving for college. We cover everything from meeting people and joining clubs to well-being and mental health.

A penny for your thoughts

Each season also includes a journaling section with writing prompts, lists of potential gear to bring (or not), and places to list new friends and contacts. Our goal was to create a piece with longevity: a keepsake and a workbook that serves a purpose throughout the year.

Analog, meet digital

Given that no student is without his/her/their phone, we included QR codes throughout the guide that link to various Champlain College digital resources. It provides advice for first-year students, residence hall overviews, and Instagram posts about student orientation.

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